Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mitchell Madness

Friends, I've contracted a deadly malady; one which erodes away the capacity for rationalizations and leaves behind in its gelatinous wake mashed Chuck brains. What affliction could this be? It's none other than Mitchell Madness. Yes Joe Don Baker has flattened my frontal cortex and left me a babbling parsnip with his super unappealing shenanigans as an alcoholic police detective named Mitchell (also the name of the film on display for mockery).

This film is at the central core vortex of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 minutia. This pivotal episode marks the departure of series creator and host Joel Hodgson and the introduction of Mike Nelson in the latter role for the remaining run of the show (Mike played many roles in his previous time on the show). For this reason alone the Mitchell episode, number 512, would warrant a regal place among the pantheon of MST. It just so happens to also present the perfect example of exactly why Mystery Science Theater 3000 is so very beloved even to this day: still receiving new DVD releases every few months.

And you too can contract the Mitchell Madness Malady with a few hundred other devoted MSTies. The Colonial Theatre (of 1958's The Blob fame) in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is running an MST extravaganza this Friday evening. On top of a heaping helping of Mitchell, they'll also be screening episode 201 of heavy metal zombie riffing show Incognito Cinema Warriors XP as a bonus. And, as is usual with these events, there will preshow prize give aways and contests.

New for this screening is a custom show poster by artist Charles Moran. I could go about badly describing it to you but it would not be done justice.

Instead BEHOLD the badassery on display!

The show starts at 9:45pm but you should show up early to high five me and trade the fist bumps. And to get some of the awesome unrivaled Colonial popcorn. Tickets are only $8 and more details can be found HERE.




  1. Sounds like a great show, I have yet to go to one of the MST3K Sow you guys run, any chance of a "Pod People" viewing?

  2. I'm coming to this (I saw the post on mst forum). Am in KoP so not far away, and I've been wanting to go to this venue for ages.

  3. @SMF: Pod People is on my short list, Tom. But don't miss tomorrow's show, it's going to be crazy!

    @Anonymous: Welcome! Bring your favorite picture taking device as the Colonial is a beautiful venue!

  4. I will, and will be geeking out with a MST shirt!