Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freaky Deaky

In your demented mind, how do you define
a "freak"?

Is your soul, so bold
to accept the few rest
and join them on this quest
to survive,
perhaps even to thrive?

You want to stare;
you have to.

Her body is bare,
he wants to share.
Will you?

Take her hand she's missing.
It's still possible to be kissing.
You may think you know
and she may seem below
but he won't go;
he can't.

You'll never experience a tale
of lust and dust,
of minds in jail,
of bubbles waiting to bust
on such a horrible scale.

Embrace the horror,
the sorrow.
It'll exist tomorrow.

They can accomplish more than you can imagine.
You may become the monster.
Scary to fathom
you may even want her.

There are no smaller worlds
and no bigger words
than those of a human,
than those of a freak.

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