Monday, July 18, 2011

The Trailer Dump, Issue no. 6

We're going to try a slightly different format for you on the trailer dump. There will be fewer trailers but I'm going to share some interesting tidbits on each one. Let me know what you think of the format. Without further ado and with no more guilding the lilly.

Scalps - 1983

  • Written AND Directed by Fred Olen Ray, who also directed the absurd Evil Toons, so you know this will be awesome (and likely full of nudity).
  • Was released as a double feature on VHS with The Slayer and also on DVD in the early 2000's but it is currently out of print.
  • This was shot on a ranch that is now owned by Alice Cooper. Perhaps he's a massive Scalps fan?
  • The director claims that the reason this film makes no sense is because the distributor took his finished product and reedited it, disrupting the continuity and adding overlaid shots of a Native American chanting. Yeah right Fred, the distributor did it.

Savage Streets - 1984

  • This is a who's who of 80's cult films: John Vernon, Linnea Quigley and Linda Blair!
  • That killer 80's jam, which is queued by Linda Blair's cleavage, is called "Justice for One". I believe all cleavage should come equipped with an awesome 80's soundtrack. Sadly the soundtrack for this film and that awesome song, where never released.
  • The special edition DVD, released in 2008, is out of print and currently selling for $100 on Amazon. Arrow releasing just put out a UK only release with a boat load of special features.
  • The tagline on the poster reads: "They killer her sister and raper her best friend. An eye for an eye." What? Does that mean Linda Blair is supposed to go on a vigilante rape spree?

The Forrest - 1983

  • Man oh man. Prism home video. Anyone else remember Prism? Anyway, this trailer has my absolutely my absolute favorite thing: a manly, brooding narrator advising on what to bring and what to watch out for. Love it.
  • The poster has two tag lines. "If you go into the woods might not get out alive" and "Daddy's gone hunting". I suggest you wait until tomorrow to go into the woods.
  • This was directed by Donald Jones, who went on to direct Project Nightmare in '87 and not much else.
  • This DID get a recent (2009) DVD release as a double feature with Don't go in the Woods.

Happy hunting.
Don't forget your backpack, sleeping bag and knife.

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