Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First 92

What scares you more than your own mind?  Nothing.  Fear itself is a product of your thoughts, and your reactions have the power to control subsequent thoughts.  Full circle?  Not without detours.  Instinct, experience, knowledge, ignorance - what's scarier?  Bliss is found in the most obscure corners, for some.  Perhaps escape is the only real way to regain your courage.  The way out can be the gold at the end of the most morbidly figured and uncomfortably colored rainbow.  To throw some more fear into the pot, there are times we don't want to find a safe haven.

"Suspiria".  It's regarded in film circles as one of the best of horror classics.  A gorefest shaped by blood, screams, and unsteady pacing.  Dario Argento's master work.  It's creepy and crawly.  It confines, irritates, shocks, and seeps into conscious with similar images from stories that are not typically associated with terror.  Snow White is not following previous conventions.  Wonderland remains colorful, yes, but with more sinister hues, and less friendly animals.  With a haunting, disturbing score by Goblin, "Suspiria" creates a supersensory tale of unfamiliarity, helplessness, and discomfort.

Fear transcends borders, irrationalizes the rational, perverts the simple.  It weakens, empowers, and burns.  School is scary.  As is the dark, unfamiliar territory, enclosure, and rejection.  Perhaps the greatest fear of all, however, is that of having to face it alone.

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