Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Trailer Dump, Issue no.2

Welcome back to The Trailer Dump, honoring all that is glorious about the corny coming attractions of yesteryear. I've dug around the 'net for some of the choicest cuts of meaty cheese, just for you. I've also included the classic intermission bumper, please don't be ashamed if you find yourself singing along with it (I did). One quick warning, the trailer for The Arena is slightly NSFW, with a couple quick nipple slips. I saved it for last, Pam Grier in a Roger Corman sexploitation combat flick.

So without further ado allow me to present:

The Mercenary

What won't he light a match off of?

The Warriors

Can you dig it?

Hands of the Ripper

A Hammer classic.


Why don't you get yourself a car-bon-ated so-da?

The Story of Ricky

Ya got a lotta guts, Oscar!

The Arena

Pam Grier, defiant and untamed!

Check back next week for more schlocky trailers at the Midnight Cheese!

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